We use discord to announce our future operations and share other information in our unit.

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 TeamSpeak 3

TS3 is used to communicate in-game with ACRE2. ACRE2 provides the ability to use radios and direct-speech in-game.

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You can install Discord or Teamspeak from their respective sites. Installation instructions are also provided on their respective sites.

ACRE2 provides a lot of functionality and features; basically, 5 years of development worth the features. In that 5 years, it seems documentation and lists of our current feature set have been lost. Additionally, its hard to keep people informed about what ACRE2 can do; causing many to think it an inferior or unfinished product. This list’s purpose is to give anyone an “at a glance” overview of what ACRE2 does, and what you can do with it.

1. Download the mod from Workshop.
2. Set mod as active in launcher
3. Launch game. It should install the TeamSpeak plugin automatically. In case of an error, refer to this manual.